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Christmas packaging

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Shopping bag not just for buying STARLIFE products...

| 09:07:45

EFFECTIVE STAR 60ml on sale...

| 09:51:17

New product VITAMIN K2 STAR...

| 10:33:36

PF 2016...

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Starting today we are shipping EFFECTIVE STAR EXTRA STRONG, #5718, with a blue bottle cap. Currently we are already working on a brand new packaging so hopefully you will excuse this temporary color mismatch :-)
| 13:14:29

Changes in products...

Following product have changes in color or size of their form (tbl, sfg, cps); content of active ingredients and prices remain unchanged:
  • ACEROLA STAR, #1000
  • ALFALFA, #2701
  • ANIMAL STAR, #6146
  • ANTI-PARASITE, #1100
  • BARLEY STAR, #7105
  • FIBER STAR, #1400
  • GINKGO STAR, #7162 (both forms in stock yet)
  • CHLOROPHYLL, #2709
  • RESPIRAL, #2738
  • ROYAL WALNUT, #2737
  • VITAMIN C 1000, #7303
  • VITAMIN E STAR, #7305

  • Change of PV and price takes place in GOLD STAR, #1860:
    60 cps => 90 cps
    22 PV => 40 PV
    30,80 € => 56 € / £ 24,60 => £ 44,80 / $38,50 => $70
    | 09:28:26

    Operating time during Christmas and at the turn of the year 2014 – 2015...

    | 13:38:46

    Change in GOTU KOLA...

    Product GOTU KOLA, #2723 changes from tablet to capsule. Active ingredients, package size and price remain unchanged.
    | 13:35:14

    Change in ALOE VERA GEL...

    Product ALOE VERA GEL, #1124 changes the color of the softgels. Active ingredients, softgels size, packaging and price remain unchanged.


    STARLIFE member's Ethics code

    1. I will respect the principles of the fair-minded conduct under any and all circumstances.

    2. I will never misjudge STARLIFE, its products, employees, representatives and associates nor products, employees and associates of another companies.

    3. I will pursue a complete satisfaction of all customers with the STARLIFE products. I will provide perfect services and quality information in compliance with the STARLIFE standards.

    4. I will present the STARLIFE marketing plan correctly and to the best of my belief. I will be explaining the efforts connected with the success achievement in a clear way.

    5. I will perform all tasks connected with the sponsorship and responsible guidance of the representatives in their efforts to establish a business relation with STARLIFE.

    6. During meetings of the STARLIFE representatives I will never contact any prospective customer of another representative with the aim to register him/her into my own network.

    7. I will never offer competitive MLM systems nor any other business intentions to the STARLIFE representatives, which would terminate the representative´s cooperation with STARLIFE.

    8. In my business activities I will endeavor continuously and to the maximum extent possible to support STARLIFE in its development.

    9. I will never misuse the STARLIFE name (nor information, publications, meetings, etc.) for any other business activities.

    10. I will never take part in any activities which would harm STARLIFE or its representatives other than the fair competition.

    11. I will respect the standards, procedures, and conditions of STARLIFE and I will conduct my business activities correspondingly.

    12. I acknowledge that my cooperation with STARLIFE may be terminated in case that I will be found being in breach of this "Ethics Code", standards or conditions of the company.

    STARLIFE commits to process the representative´s personal data pursuant to Act No. 101/2000 Sb., the Personal Data Protection Act.
    Any person who have become an independent STARLIFE representative is required to study this manual thoroughly. The STARLIFE manual provides explanations of both STARLIFE´s and representative´s rights and duties.
    Any person who has decided to apply for membership in STARLIFE shall respect the requirements set forth in the representative Application forms, STARLIFE Ethics code and STARLIFE manual. Violation of these regulations (Ethics code, Application form, STARLIFE manual) shall be considered grounds for termination of the membership.

    The STARLIFE manual is subject to change at the sole discretion of STARLIFE without previous notice. Any amendment of the manual will be published through the company magazine (SPEKTRUM), information e-mail, or information pamphlet.

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