„Beauty, strength and efficiency lies in simplicity“
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Christmas packaging

Tips on gifts for Christmas:



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Shopping bag not just for buying STARLIFE products...

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EFFECTIVE STAR 60ml on sale...

| 09:51:17

New product VITAMIN K2 STAR...

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PF 2016...

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Starting today we are shipping EFFECTIVE STAR EXTRA STRONG, #5718, with a blue bottle cap. Currently we are already working on a brand new packaging so hopefully you will excuse this temporary color mismatch :-)
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Changes in products...

Following product have changes in color or size of their form (tbl, sfg, cps); content of active ingredients and prices remain unchanged:
  • ACEROLA STAR, #1000
  • ALFALFA, #2701
  • ANIMAL STAR, #6146
  • ANTI-PARASITE, #1100
  • BARLEY STAR, #7105
  • FIBER STAR, #1400
  • GINKGO STAR, #7162 (both forms in stock yet)
  • CHLOROPHYLL, #2709
  • RESPIRAL, #2738
  • ROYAL WALNUT, #2737
  • VITAMIN C 1000, #7303
  • VITAMIN E STAR, #7305

  • Change of PV and price takes place in GOLD STAR, #1860:
    60 cps => 90 cps
    22 PV => 40 PV
    30,80 € => 56 € / £ 24,60 => £ 44,80 / $38,50 => $70
    | 09:28:26

    Operating time during Christmas and at the turn of the year 2014 – 2015...

    | 13:38:46

    Change in GOTU KOLA...

    Product GOTU KOLA, #2723 changes from tablet to capsule. Active ingredients, package size and price remain unchanged.
    | 13:35:14

    Change in ALOE VERA GEL...

    Product ALOE VERA GEL, #1124 changes the color of the softgels. Active ingredients, softgels size, packaging and price remain unchanged.


    Products for free

    Scientific findings show that the genetic potential of the human body is 120 to 140 years of age. If, however, we want to live for so long (and with the best health, beautiful, and full of energy), we must also do something for it. It is called HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

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    There are many articles written on healthy lifestyles. Let's lower down a little bit in food portions, add more fiber and vegetables, let's get our sneakers off the box and play sports, let's relax little more and "recharge our stamina" a little bit with dietary supplements. Let's be good to ourselves, honest and disciplined. It is a lifelong journey, but the result is really worth it. Even if we won't look thirty anymore, we will feel like that!
    Smile, think positive, don't overdo anything and enjoy the STARLIFE products.

    Even though everyone should realize the importance of dietary supplements and their use,
    it is not always so, and sometimes someone needs the an impulse.
    It can also be a free product - cool!

    We don't invest into billboards, into TV ads or into any other media, that create an imaginary "need" in the client. We want to invest in anyone who is aware of the value of his own health, into anyone who knows that he must take care of himself and that it's no one else for him to do. Neither now, nor later.

    Yes, we're giving away free products.

    But even here we apply the rule "something for something" :-) You just have to participate in some of the STARLIFE events or recommend STARLIFE products to your friend, neighbor...

    Participation in STARLIFE events is definitely paying off. Not only because of the informational value of the lectures and meetings with other people interested in healthy lifestyles, but also to gain a free product of your choice. This special PROMOTION is announced at random and so are chosen the conditions for the profit of the product free of charge.

    Congrats to participation at the STARLIFE event.
    We will send you the selected product for free with your next product order.

    Recommend products and get other members of STARLIFE is definitely paying off. For each executed offer registration into LONGEVITY CLUB 65 we will give you not only the financial reward, but also product free of charge – and you can use them as impulses :-) for other people interested in long-term use of STARLIFE products. As a free product, you can even choose either 1 EFFECTIVE STAR, 250 ml, or a toothbrush.
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