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Enlarge picture OSTEO STAR
Strong bones at any age
Code: #1850
Contents: 1.000 ml
Price:  56,70  £
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Product is suitable for athletes

OSTEO STAR promotes bone mass regeneration. It supplies the body with the necessary daily amount of calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin D in a fully ionized colloidal form. The ingredients are an integral part of the bone structure. In addition, they are also involved in a number of metabolic processes in conjunction with enzymes. They have positive effects on the stabilization of cell membranes, relax muscle spasms, facilitate healing of wounds and fractures, and suppress the influence of negative stress factors on the body. OSTEO STAR provides adequate intake of the necessary bone nutrients and supports the production of new bone mass within the body.

Recommended dosage
1-2 capfuls a day, up to 60 ml. Children over three years: 1 capful a day.

Purified Water, Corn Syrup, Magnesium Gluconate, Calcium Lactate, Grape Juice Concentrate, Cranberry Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid, Raspoberry Flavor, Vitamin C, Vitamin D.
In the interest of easier orientation in the quantities of the active ingredients in extracts we indicate their actual (original) amount.

This page has been started on June 17th 2014.

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